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19 Jan


The class teaches how you can maximize your retirement income using the most current Social Security strategies. According to a recent study, less than 5% of beneficiaries elect Social Security in a manner that will maximize all their retirement income sources. Because each person's situation is unique, the class provides a comprehensive review of critical factors while working toward your retirement goals, including taxes. Learn the techniques on how you can use your Social Security to support your retirement goals.

The class is run by volunteers who contribute their time to educate the public on this important benefit. This class is conducted by a registered National Social Security Advisor and retirement planning practice manager. The class focuses on strategies you should be using to maximize benefits, and common mistakes to avoid. It is an open forum class so questions are welcome! 


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Date and Time

Thu, Jan 19, 2023

6:30p - 8:00p CST


EOLA Community Center

555 S. Eola Rd
Aurora , IL 60605
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